Exhibition by Crisis Mirror

This exhibition was a combination of documentation and art. The themes of the exhibition were financial crisis, social crisis, political crisis and environmental crisis, with a European focus.

Traditional economic theory has failed miserably. The economy books have to be rewritten. Therefore, we were giving away obsolete books as a happening. This attracted many CBS students.
Elena Salgado, Spanish finance minister: "Spain is not Greece"
George Papaconstantinou, Greek finance minister: "Greece is not Ireland"
Brian Lenihan, Irish finance minister: "Ireland is not Greek territory"
Elena Salgado, Spanish finance minister: "Spain is neither Ireland nor Portugal"
Angel Gurria, General secretary OECD: "Neither Spain nor Portugal is Ireland"
Marianno Rajoy, Spanish prime minister: "Spain is not Uganda"
Henry Okello, Ugandan foreign minister: "Uganda does not want to be Spain!"

Paint bombs from Greek protests, Greek minimum wage, Global noise, Anti-guest book with list of 16242 documented refugee deaths through Fortress Europe, and scrap book of European protests, 2007 - 2012.

Food prices fluctuate wildly because of speculation and because of conversion of food to biofuel


Crisis Mirror